Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Stories on Mill

The life of a Busker

Part 2

Preface- let us discuss a few simple aspects of life before I proceed with this blog post.

  1. When people do drugs they will do stupid things. So moral of the story don't do drugs!
  2. If you are going to do drugs don't do stupid things in public, people will laugh at you and write about you in their blogs!
October 19th, 6:00-9:00pm

This night would prove to be a night of much laughter. As I began busking for the night I encountered a few very unique individuals. This blog post is going to cover three of those interesting characters.

(Fred) the Drunk Dancer

As I began to perform my music on the corner, I felt inspired and invigorated as I played the music I loved. Few people walked by and every now and then I would get a head nod from a senior citizen that seemed as though he were saying, " Go get em tiger". After playing for about the span of an hour, I captured the attention of a smiling homeless man. He had with him a bicycle that was covered with random odds and ends he had gathered from extensive time on the street. He had long straggly hair and a few missing teeth, but he looked friendly (we will call him Fred). Fred located a bench near where I was playing and slowly plopped down to listen. After listening for about 15 minutes, he slowly danced his way over to where I was performing. Let me take a moment to explain his dance style, imagine a penguin waddling back and forth to music then combine that with an Indian rain dance and…….BOOM that is Fred's dance! So Fred danced over to where I was playing. I was sitting down at the time. It was obvious Fred was drunk, however he kind of reminded me of Jack Sparrow! Anyways, so I finished playing a song and Fred crouched down real close to me and leaned in uncomfortably close to my face. Fred then opened his mouth. With the scent of alcohol and mint tictac on his breath he asked me what kind of guitar I was playing. I am not going to lie I was really worried he was going to lean in for a kiss. His face grew closer to mine and I kept inching backwards. After explaining the brand of my guitar he nonchalantly stood back up and did his penguin rain dance towards his bike and then rode away.

The Rap Artist
As the night continued and after Fred had rode away, more people began to pass by me. I continued to play music. I played songs like "Free Falling" by Tom Petty, "How to Save a Life" by The Fray. The sun had gone down and it was dark outside. The light from the shops and the street lamps illuminated the Tempe downtown hot spot known as Mill Avenue. I had finished playing another set of songs, when an African American man approached me. He had on a baseball cap with the visor strait out and not bent or folded. He had on basketball shorts that were hanging low and his clothes matched from his hat to his shoes (We will call this man Tyron). Tyron came up to me and said something like, "Yo man lay down something and I will spit for you." For those of you who are not versed in Ebonics, that means he wanted me to play guitar while he rapped. I thought for a second and realized that I could not miss this opportunity. So I began to play something on the guitar. He then began to rap. Tyron was not too bad at rapping. (Now the Sarcasm) However I did not know the F-WORD could be used as a pronoun, known, adjective, adverb, verb, and conjunction. Tyron sure must be good at English because I had no clue you could use the F-WORD like that. Meeting Tyron was a unique experience not only is he concerned about matching his hat with his shoes, but apparently he was an English major. Best of luck to you Tyron!

The Hobo's "Homeless Medley"
The night was drawing to a close on Mill Avenue and I was a few songs away from calling it a night. I had acquired an acceptable amount of money in my guitar case and I was growing tired. I had finished playing a song when a Hobo approached me. I had met this Hobo before on Mill Avenue about two weeks ago. This hobo had explained to me a few weeks prior that my girlfriend and I would make "beautiful babies someday". We will call this man (Charlie the Hobo). Charlie the Hobo was in a somewhat baggy and worn black T-Shirt. His eyes were glazed over and it was obvious that he had spent years on the streets using all sorts of illegal substances aka DRUGS. Charlie the Hobo was not threatening but he was definitely obnoxious. Charlie came up to me and said play me a song man he was accompanied by another hobo who I will call Hobo#2. I began to play Charlie and Hobo#2 a song. They sat down right in front of me on the concrete and swayed back in forth in their drugged up state. After finishing the song Charlie asked if he could sing a song. I thought for a second I knew it would be funny, so like any other good American would of done I said sure Charlie you can sing a song, but no swearing. So I gave him the microphone and began to play a few cords on the guitar. Charlie began to sing a song I now call the "Homeless Medley", it went sent something along these lines (This is not an exact quote):

Homeless, Homeless, we are Homeless
We live on Mill Avenue
That girl over there is beautiful too
These guys are homeless you, you, and you (as he pointed at his friends)

You and your girlfriend are a good couple
You and her should make Beautiful……….(deep voice) Babies.
Living on the street ain't always fair
That is why we love to drink lots of… (Points to the other hobos and they join in).. BEEEEEEEERRRR!


So Charlie finished his beautiful song. I have to admit I was laughing so hard. People's faces as they walked by hearing him sing, were simply priceless.



So my friends DON'T DO DRUGS.






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  1. ahahahah this totally made my day! oh em gee. i can't even pick a favorite part. i'm going to go with the low-voiced "BABIES" bahaha